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Forbes 2001-2010
"Provides investor relations material from more than 2,500 companies in the region. Ranging from annual reports, to company presentations, to analyst commentary, the information is provided free to visitors (companies pay to have their material included). Much of the information is first-rate and difficult to find elsewhere.
BEST: E-mail alerts for earnings reports and press releases."

NEWSBYTES® News Network, a division of The Washington Post Company. October 12, 2001
Investors Get The Word On Asia-Pacific Companies...
"The site provides a place for companies in the Asia-Pacific region to communicate online with the global investment and business community. For shareholders and investors, the site provides a useful free portal for primary investor relations information on a large number of Asia-Pacific listed companies."

Equities Quarterly First Quarter 2000
"Log on to IR Asia late in the afternoon and get a lead on the morning newspapers for company results and press releases. The only site on the Net that is dedicated to presenting the latest news, in realtime, put out by Asian listed companies."

TIME Magazine November 22, 1999
"So how do you tell if a company is worth investing in? As your mother said, do your homework.......Information is also available through brokers and some websites such as Investor Relations Asia (www.irasia.com), which carry financial information on scores of Asian companies."

TheASSET Magazine July/August 1999
"It is becoming hard to keep up with the growing number of sites for Asian investors. But when it comes to pan-Asian ones, it is easy to pick the good ones from the bad.....What separates it [irasia.com] from the slew of other Asian market sites is that it is easy to read and follow....We think it is perhaps the most complete financial road map of the region currently free of charge on the web."

TIME Magazine July 12, 1999
"Research to Make Investment Decisions... There's more to stock picking than piling into the latest .com...Here's where the real homework starts. Investor Relations Asia - Free research on hundreds of listed companies on many Asian exchanges..."

Far East Economic Review April 22, 1999
"It hasn't always been easy for individual investors in Asia to get their hands on company reports. Investor Relations Asia is attempting to fill this gap by providing a platform for listed companies to publish information, such as press releases, annual reports and corporate profiles."

Global Fund News September 7, 1998
"IRAsia is one of the region's leading Internet-based information provider on Asian financial markets."

Asia Magazine August 21-23 1998
"The US has an official on-line database called Edgar, containing reference information about publicly listed companies. In Asia, the private sector has had to fill that role....www.irasia.com"

Asian Wall Street Journal Monday, September 22, 1997
"Investor Relations Asia - (http://www.irasia.com) Covers most Southeast Asian markets and includes company results, profiles and stock quotes...."

TIME Magazine May 26, 1997
"To speed you to other useful investment sites, TIME MONEY offers the following brief guide.... Investor Relations Asia (www.irasia.com) carries news and financial information as well as links to more than 1,000 companies in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines."