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Our FAQ serves as your first stop in getting help for any problems you may encounter at "", if you cannot find the answers to your questions here, please contact ''.


Q: How do you pronounce ""? and what does it mean?

A: "I R Asia Dot Com" -- Investor Relations Asia.


Q: How official or reliable is your information?

A: The information posted on "" has been prepared from either sources believed to be reliable, or information provided directly by the respective companies. However, NO WARRANTY, express or implied, is given that such information is complete or accurate. Please refer to our disclaimer.

The Press Releases come directly from the companies and are posted in their 'un-edited' version, with the full text remaining intact.

If the company has an 'official' home page elsewhere on the web, and if the company instructs "" to do so, a link may be provided from "" information sheet to the company's official home page.


Q: When searching for Listed Companies, how come I cannot find Company X under Sector Y?

A: All companies are listed (where applicable) under the respective sectors as per the stock exchange they are trading on. Try searching using the "Company Name" only, and leave the "Sector" blank. Even if you just input the first few letters of the company name, the search will result in all names that start with those letters, or names that include the string of letters. To refine the search, you may want to select the country where it is trading in.

Q: How come the information provided for Company X is limited?

A: May be:

  1. We are in the process of preparing the respective data, which may become available soon, so please check back.
  2. The information you see may be all the information the company wishes to make available.

We suggest you call or fax them and let them know your frustration, and the opportunity they are missing out on from not having more data available to you via "".

Q: How come I cannot find Company X? I am sure it is listed.

A: Try searching under the country where it is trading in, try searching under the sector which you think it may be in, try typing in a few letters of the company name, (maybe the proper name is not what you know it as!). Even if you just input a few letters of the company name, the search will result in all names that start with those letters, or names that include the string of letters. If you still cannot find company X, please send us an email now on '' so we may investigate and get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: Do I have to type in upper and lower case when doing the search?

A: No, "" search engine is not case sensitive.


Q: I pressed the 'Print' button, but the content did not print!

A: It's been reported that some Printer/Netscape combinations may not print the content of some pages. Try decreasing the print margin on your page setup, this is known to help in some cases. Alternatively, download the latest version of Netscape and try again, or download, view and print with Internet Explorer.

Download Data

Q: How do I download the financial data so I may 'work with the numbers'?

A: We have provided a link at the top of each downloadable file, so by clicking it, our computer will start transferring the data to your computer in either Microsoft Excel or Lotus 1-2-3 format, (the format is pre-defined by the respective company providing the information). You will need to select a directory to store these data, and give it a name so you may retrieve it later. If you are using Microsoft Excel, but the data is transferred in Lotus 1-2-3 format, Microsoft Excel provides a converter, and vice versa if you are using Lotus 1-2-3.

There may be formulas already embedded in the spreadsheet, which if they refer to other worksheets which are not made available for downloading, then the corresponding values of the cells may be lost. We have informed information providers to watch out for this situation...but it may still happen. If you encounter this problem, please contact '' so we may correct the situation.

If you encounter other problems, such as 'File not found', please contact so we may correct the situation.

Free email alerts

Q: May I register my friends for email alerts?

A: We do not encourage registration on behalf of someone else, unless you have the person's explicit approval to do so. Registration is very simple, and there is a confirmation email to ensure successful registration. Thanks for the thought, but it's best to ask your friend to register himself/herself.

Q: I registered for the email alerts already.  How do I update my registration with a new email address now, or unsubscribe?

A: Please send your request to ''.

Watch Out For...

Q: I downloaded the balance sheet from Company X and Company Y and found only one file on my hard disk, what happened?

A: Most financial statements' excel file names are standardized. As such, you may have over written X's balance sheet with Y's balance sheet. It will be necessary to give the file you are downloading a unique name so that you may differentiate among the files you downloaded.

Q: Will there be virus from the files I download?

A: Due deligence has been taken to ensure that files for down-loading are virus-free. But then again, the best solution is to buy anti-virus program, and update it frequently. Always download in a separate directory specifically for downloading files, and scan all files before you open any of them.


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