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China U-Ton Holdings Limited is one of the fast growing optical fibers development services providers for major telecommunication operators in the PRC. The Group uses traditional deployment methods as well as micro-ducts and mini-cables system integration methods to deploy optical fibers for major telecommunication operators in the PRC. Since its establishment, the Group not only has a strong R&D capability and has developed patent technologies, but has also established a business relationship and solid customer base with the major telecommunication operators in the PRC.

Our low-voltage equipment integration projects are mainly obtained by way of tender or direct negotiation. After signing the contract with our client, we have to purchase all required equipment, materials, parts and components. We maintain our own engineering team to carry out the technical works such as wiring and testing.

For projects which involve the application of traditional methods only, China U-Ton will be provided with the optical fibers by clients and have them laid along the designated routes using traditional deployment methods which include direct burial, aerial access, conduit installation and pipe jacking. For projects which require our micro-ducts and mini-cables system integration methods, we will provide our deployment solutions including the design of routing of optical fibers, deployment methods to be used, materials to be used including optical fibers, the necessary engineers and manpower to lay the optical fibers, laying services, connection and testing of the optical fibers until completion. Deployment methods used for this kind of projects include a combination of certain deployment methods known as in-sewer, pipe jacking and cable troughing utilising our patented technology in relation to micro-ducts and mini-cables. For the two years ended 31 December 2010 and 2011, we completed 47 and 115 deployment projects of optical fibers, respectively.

In order to broaden our revenue stream, China U-Ton acquired Shijiazhuang Qiushi on 1 March 2011, as a result of which we also provide low-voltage equipment integration services to clients such as financial institutions, governmental departments, road and transportation companies, state-owned and private companies in the PRC. Low-voltage equipment generally refers to intelligence control system, weak-electricity control room, video and multimedia conferencing system, telephone conferencing system and television surveillance system and we provide relevant services including equipment purchases, overall design, wiring and setting-up to our clients.

China U-Ton has obtained the exclusive rights in using public sewer systems for the purposes of deployment of optical fibers at 11 distinct locations in ten different districts or cities in the PRC, namely, Beijing, Jinan, Baoding, Handan, Xingtai, Qinhuangdao, Chengde, Zhangjiakou, Shahe and Meishan and the non-exclusive right in Hengshui. In the future, the fast-growing optical fibers deployment market in China driven by the country's expanding and demand and more robust communications networks should continue to provide an enormous market for the Group, thus boosting its rapid growth.

updated 5th June, 2012

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