China Zenith Chemical Group Limited
(Incorporated in the Cayman Islands and continued in Bermuda with limited liability)
(Formerly known as Daqing Petroleum and Chemical Group Limited)

Corporate Profile       

China Zenith Chemical Group Ltd (「 China Zenith 」 or the 「 Group 」 , HKEx stock code: 362) is a leading coal-based chemical manufacturer and supplier.

The Group started as a petroleum-based chemical manufacturer. In anticipation of the rising crude oil price back in 2004, the Group has since been developing and expanding its coal-based chemical manufacturing capabilities. We have successfully acquired four previously State-owned businesses and transformed the facilities through technology upgrading and scale expansion, enabling the group to become a fully integrated coal-based chemical raw materials manufacturer in both upstream and downstream. We provide reliable supply of good quality products at competitive prices which bring us good reputation in the industry as well as spectacular performance. On 4 April 2007, the Group disposed of petroleum related business and evolved into a fully integrated coal-based chemical manufacturer.

Our production facilities are situated at the City of Mudanjiang, southeastern Heilongjiang Province of China. Mudanjiang has unique geographical advantage and is an important trading and transport hub in the Northeast Asia and Pacific Region. With its 211 km long border connecting with Russia in its east, Mudanjiang is the political, economic, cultural center and transport hub in the Southeastern Heilongjiang.

The Group has six major production plants in Mudanjiang and Heihe occupying a total land area of 2,160,000 square meters and a build up area of 490,000 square meters. With a team of 860 strong personnel, we are principally engaged in the production of chemical raw materials including Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Vinyl Acetate (VA) ,Calcium Carbide (CC) and Vitamin C products supplying to construction, automobile, chemical fiber, paper-making and healthcare industries in China. Among the production plants, the Group owns and operates power and steam generation. Steam is supplied for local residential and industrial user, electricity generated is connected to the state electricity grid and then supplied to the Electric Power Corporation. The Group is applying for the "self-generated electricity allocated for consumption" policy and through this policy the Group can enjoy lower electricity cost and lower its production cost.

Capitalizing on our consistent efforts and know-how in the chemical industry developed over the past years, and coupled with modern production facilities and advanced management system, the Group is committed to providing high quality products and services to our customer and building a long-term partnership with renowned brands in China to win customers.

updated 11th February, 2015

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