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  • 2017-July-13
  • Everbright International Secures Zhejiang Quzhou Waste-to-Energy Project (in PDF)
  • 2017-July-5
  • Everbright International's First Dual-Entrusted Waste-To-Energy Project Completes Construction and Commences Operation (in PDF)
  • 2017-July-3
  • Everbright International's Laiwu Waste-To-Energy Project Commences Operation, Creating a New and Comprehensive Urban Solid Waste Treatment Solution (in PDF)
  • 2017-June-30
  • Everbright International's Can Tho Waste-to-Energy Project Commences Construction, Vietnam's First High Standard Household Waste-to-Energy Project is Expected to Commence Operation in 2018 (in PDF)
  • 2017-June-22
  • Everbright International's Suqian Waste-to-Energy Project and Suqian Food Waste Treatment Project Complete Construction and Commence Operation (in PDF)
  • 2017-June-21
  • Everbright International Secures Two Waste-to-Energy Projects (in PDF)
  • 2017-May-18
  • Everbright International Obtains Various Dedicated Subsidies Totaling RMB152.1 Million Year-To-Date (in PDF)
  • 2017-May-15
  • WTERT-Asia Founded in Nanjing Chen Xiaoping, CEO of Everbright International, Unanimously Elected First Chair (in PDF)
  • 2017-May-5
  • Everbright International Ma'anshan Waste-to-Energy Project Completes Construction and Commences Operation (in PDF)
  • 2017-May-4
  • Everbright International Obtains RMB34 Million Subsidy under the Central Budgetary Investment Plan (in PDF)
  • 2017-April-5
  • Everbright International Acquires Sanya Food Waste Treatment Project (in PDF)
  • 2017-March-21
  • Everbright International Secures Sichuan Leshan Waste-to-Energy Project (in PDF)
  • 2017-March-13
  • Everbright International Secures Jiangsu Siyang Waste-to-Energy Project (in PDF)
  • 2017-March-6
  • Everbright International Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China Construction Technology Consulting, Joining Forces to Achieve Mutual Benefits and a Win-Win Partnership (in PDF)
  • 2017-February-28
  • Everbright International Announces 2016 Annual Results, Bold Visions to Overcome Every Challenge (in PDF)
  • 2017-January-11
  • Everbright International Embraces First Achievement of the New Year Pingdu Waste-To-Energy Project Completes Construction and Commences Operation (in PDF)
  • 2017-January-5
  • Everbright International Provides Hourly Disclosure of Emission Standards of its Operating Waste-to-Energy Projects, Contributing towards a Better Environment and Striving for Clean Water and Clear Sky (in PDF)
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