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  • 2018-October-2
  • Everbright International's Multiple Environmental Protection Projects Commence Construction in Succession (in PDF)
  • 2018-September-14
  • Everbright International Secures Jiangxi Yingtan Waste-to-energy Project (in PDF)
  • 2018-September-13
  • Everbright International Included in Dow Jones Sustainability Index for Third Year Running the Only Chinese Company in Emerging Markets (Ex-Taiwan) to be Included in the Index (in PDF)
  • 2018-September-7
  • Everbright International's Environmental Technology Debuts in Africa (in PDF)
  • 2018-September-6
  • Everbright International Sees Strong Momentum in Business Expansion Winning Bids for Two Waste-to-energy Projects in a Row (in PDF)
  • 2018-September-5
  • Everbright International Wins Bid for Jiangxi Shangrao Waste-to-energy EPC Project Forging an "Asset-Light" Model for Exporting of Management and Technology Services (in PDF)
  • 2018-August-21
  • Everbright International Secures Jiangxi Jiujiang Waste-to-energy Project (in PDF)
  • 2018-August-14
  • Everbright International Announces 2018 Interim Results, Powering Ahead (in PDF)
  • 2018-July-6
  • Everbright International Signs Supplementary Agreement on the Upgrading Project of Suzhou Waste-to-energy Plant (in PDF)
  • 2018-June-28
  • Everbright International Keeps Strong Momentum for Business Development and Secures Multiple Waste-to-energy Projects in Succession (in PDF)
  • 2018-June-27
  • Everbright International Secures Two Food Waste Treatment Projects (in PDF)
  • 2018-June-26
  • Everbright International Secures Shandong Qixia Waste-to-energy and Heat Supply PPP Project (in PDF)
  • 2018-June-22
  • Everbright International Secures Guangdong Zhaoqing Waste-to-energy Project (in PDF)
  • 2018-May-9
  • Everbright International's Ji'nan Waste-to-energy Plant Expansion Project and Boluo Waste-to-energy Project Phase II Complete Construction and Commence Operation (in PDF)
  • 2018-April-12
  • Everbright International Secures Three Waste-to-energy Projects (in PDF)
  • 2018-April-10
  • Everbright International Secures Jiangxi Ji'an Waste-to-energy Project (in PDF)
  • 2018-March-21
  • Everbright International and Bank of China Shenzhen Branch Inks Strategic Cooperation Agreement Fostering a Long-Term and Mutually-Beneficial Cooperation (in PDF)
  • 2018-March-5
  • Everbright International Announces 2017 Annual Results, Driving Forward Our Success Story (in PDF)
  • 2018-February-2
  • Everbright International Secures a New Loan of USD100 Million from ADB Committed to Vietnam's Waste-to-energy Sector and Supporting Local Sustainable Development (in PDF)
  • 2018-February-1
  • Everbright International Receives Distinction from RobecoSAM Again (in PDF)
  • 2018-January-25
  • Everbright International Wins Xi'an Lantian Waste Electricity and Heat Cogeneration PPP Project in Shaanxi Province (in PDF)
  • 2018-January-19
  • Everbright International Signs Framework Agreement with China Aerospace Construction Group to Form Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation (in PDF)
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