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  • 2017-November-14
  • Fantasia Expedites Property Integration with Subsidiary Colour Life Bringing Forward its Consolidation of Wanxiangmei to Reinforce its Leading Position in the Property Management Industry in China (in PDF)
  • 2017-November-6
  • Fantasia's October contracted sales increased by 158.09% year on year to record high of RMB 2.215 billion in 2017, Colour Life enters new chapter of development by starting intelligent retail in community (in PDF)
  • 2017-October-6
  • Satisfactory Sales Performance in September 2017 Single Month Sales Increased 65.6% Year-on-Year to RMB 1.601 Billion, Fantasia Achieved Contracted Sales of RMB 8.84 Billion for First Three Quarters of 2017 Colour Life Awarded the Title of "China's Leading Property Service Brand of 2017" (in PDF)
  • 2017-September-5
  • Fantasia's August Contracted Sales Accelerated,"Jiatianxia" Product Line for Smart Communities Officially Launched (in PDF)
  • 2017-August-25
  • Fantasia Presses on with "Community+" Strategy for Building Ecosystem of Businesses, with Equal Emphasis on Asset-light Business Model and Investment In Property Development, the Company Integrates Financial Services into Various Businesses, it Speeds Up the Execution of Business Plan as it Aspires to Become a Leading Industrial and Financial Holding Group, Contracted Sales Grew by 5% Year on Year to 5,053 Million, Gross Profit Margin Maintained at a Relatively High Level of 30.5% Revenue from Asset-light Business Segment Significantly Increased (in PDF)
  • 2017-August-7
  • Fantasia Maintained Steady Contracted Sales in July, Smart Community Ecosystem Launched in Shanghai (in PDF)
  • 2017-July-5
  • Fantasia Achieved Contracted Sales of RMB5.053 Billion for First Half of 2017 , Fantasia and Colour Life Awarded Titles of "High Quality China Real Estate Developer" and "One of Top 100 China Property Service Providers" Respectively (in PDF)
  • 2017-June-5
  • Fantasia's Contracted Sales in May Meet Expectations with Outstanding Sales Performance at Projects in Wuhan, Huizhou, Guilin (in PDF)
  • 2017-May-5
  • Fantasia's Contracted Sales Recorded Stable Growth Colour Life Took a Minority Stake in Another Property Project (in PDF)
  • 2017-April-5
  • Fantasia's Contracted Sales for the First Three Months of 2017 Hit Historical High Colour Life Included in Forbes' List of China's 100 Listed Companies with Great Potential (in PDF)
  • 2017-March-17
  • Fantasia Sets Contracted Sales Target for 2017 at RMB15.0 Billion, Up by 25%, Revenue Increased Significantly by 33.8% in 2016, EBITDA Increased 30.3% Y-O-Y, Steady Financial Development with Optimized Debt Structure Development into Industrial Financial Group Accelerates (in PDF)
  • 2017-March-6
  • Fantasia's Contracted Sales for February Hit Historical High, Smart Home Living Platform "LifeUp" Launched to Build the First Smart Condominium in Southeast Asia (in PDF)
  • 2017-February-6
  • Fantasia Took Advantage of the Low-season to Expand Steadily, Achieved 14.67% Year-on-year Growth in Contracted Sales for January (in PDF)
  • 2017-January-24
  • Fantasia Completed the Redemption of US$300 Million Senior Notes Due 2019 (in PDF)
  • 2017-January-5
  • Fantasia Accomplished Full-Year Sale Target for 2016, and Announced Planned Redemption of the US Dollar-Denominated Senior Notes Due 2019 Before Expiry (in PDF)
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