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Financial Calendar       

Annual General Meeting 201715th June, 2018
Final Results Announcement 201729th March, 2018
Interim Results Announcement 201731st August, 2017

Annual General Meeting 201616th June, 2017
Final Results Announcement 201631st March, 2017
Interim Results Announcement 201630th August, 2016

Annual General Meeting 201517th June, 2016
Final Results Announcement 201530th March, 2016
Interim Results Announcement 201525th August, 2015

Annual General Meeting 201412th June, 2015
Final Results Announcement 201431st March, 2015
Interim Results Announcement 201426th August, 2014

Annual General Meeting 201313th June, 2014
Final Results Announcement 201327th March, 2014
Interim Results Announcement 201327th August, 2013

Annual General Meeting 201214th June, 2013
Final Results Announcement 201228th March, 2013
Interim Results Announcement 201228th August, 2012

Annual General Meeting 201115th June, 2012
Final Results Announcement 201130th March, 2012
Interim Results Announcement 201126th August, 2011

Annual General Meeting 201016th June, 2011
Final Results Announcement 201031st March, 2011
Interim Results Announcement 201027th August, 2010

Annual General Meeting 200915th June, 2010
Final Results Announcement 200922nd March, 2010
Interim Results Announcement 200931st August, 2009

updated 19th April, 2018

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