Sustainable Forest Holdings Limited
(Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability)

Corporate Profile       

Strived to be the leading sustainable forest management company worldwide.

As a world-class company building a sustainable forest management company, Sustainable-Forest owns, leases, or holds acquisition rights to approximately 288,700ha of forests in Brazil and Russia, which corresponds to 34mn m3 of hardwoods and softwoods. Sustainable-Forest's forests properties are well positioned for key product markets in North America, Europe and Asia. We also strive to increase our forest properties portfolio and forest products and services, while preserving ecological environments and supporting local employment and community development. We differentiate from other competitors in that we have infrastructure in place to manage and fully integrate its cultivating, growing, harvesting, processing, and distribution operations while having an efficient and low cost producer of logs and finished wood products.

Our Unique Position

Sustainability and Environmental Certification - We are committed to sustainable forestry management practices and the environmental certification of our forests and wood products.

Industry recognition - We are well established in key markets in China, North America, and Europe, with a diversified product range and reputation in the market for quality products.

A US$200bn per year industry - Global demand for wood, pulp, and paper continues to soar. The World Resources Institute has estimated that the demand for wood will double by the year 2050. China has a nearly insatiable appetite for lumber for housing and wood and pulp for the manufacturing of paper, packaging materials, furniture, and other wood products. Supply is tight in China and cannot be increased easily.

Forests Appreciate - Trees grow exponentially faster each year and can be harvested at any time. Forest land typically appreciates in value 5-10% every year. Timber prices have exceeded inflation by +3.3% per year over the last century. During the raging inflation of 1973-1981, timber prices increased by more than 22% per year - well ahead of traditional inflation hedges such as real property and commodities.

Growth - We have plans to expand its existing trading, harvesting, processing, and distribution operations and intends to pursue attractive opportunities to substantially expand its ownership of forests and processing facilities throughout the world.

Our Practice and Philosophy

Commitment to sustainable forest management practices - Sustainable development, management, utilization, and consumption of forest resources is central to our business philosophy. Sustainable forest management is critical to the world's environment and will ensure our long-term success. We will also contribute to environmental protection undertakings such as carbon emission mitigation.

Commitment to environmental certification - Although certification of forests and forest products is voluntary, we are committed to obtaining FSC certification. SFH's sustainable forest management practices will ensure the long-term supply of forest resources and the certification of legally-sourced wood products.

updated 12th July, 2011

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