Winto Group (Holdings) Limited
(Incorporated in Cayman Islands with limited liability)

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The successful listing of Winto Group on the GEM Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 16 February 2015 marked a milestone for the Group. Since the publishing of Motoz Trader, its first magazine for sale, and Motoz Trader (Free), its first free magazine in April 2009, Winto Group has already owned 6 magazines with various points of sales covered different locations in Hong Kong, as well as more than 1,000 free despatching points, including petrol filling stations, foot massage shops, hair salons and cafes. In addition, the Group has established a wide customer base with more than 100 customers coming from different industries, including motor dealers, cosmetic brand owners, property agencies, jewels, professional firms, pet shops and etc. In just a few years, Winto Group has developed into its existing scale, that is a result contributed by the unremitting and dedicated effort of the Group's management and all its staff members.

In 2014, the operating results of the Group steadily increased thanks to the increased free distribution points attributable by its new business partners. In the meantime, different readerships have been attracted since its free magazine Motoz Xpress/Shopping Monthly (Free) was published in middle 2013, which was also a factor that boosted the number of customers and circulation of the Group.

In August 2015, the Group established a wholly owned subsidiary of GO Media Limited ("GO Media"). GO Media is a professional outdoor media advertising company engaged in taxi advertising, minibuses advertising, ice cream vehicle advertising, roof / exterior wall advertising, outdoor light box advertising, and LED screen advertising. Its business is comprehensive and with wide coverage. Its business scope includes development of outdoor advertising / investment, management, operation, marketing, maintenance, after sale service and outdoor advertising agency services. Outdoor media is exclusive to the multi-dimensional space with high inclusiveness and flexibility, is increasingly sought after by advertisers. Outdoor advertising is a media mode which may swiftly invoke audience emotional communication, with the advantages of high coverage, strong visual impact, rich in form and variety, persistent publication time. Its expression is direct and simple, and with effective information transfer and widespread influence. The Group believes that GO Media can enrich the Group's business project portfolio, attract more advertising business opportunities, further expand the Group's business scope, and enable us to better grasp business opportunities in the media industry.

In September 2015, the Group completed the acquisition of 20% equity interests in Strategist Media Holdings Limited ( 策 略 王 傳 媒 控 股 有 限 公 司 ) ("Strategist Media"). Strategist Media is principally engaged in the publication and the sales of a weekly Chinese finance and investment magazine, namely 港 股 策 略 王, mainly through the network of convenience stores and newsstands in Hong Kong. Magazine contents cover finance, wealth management, property investment, lifestyle and etc. Strategist Media also involves in the businesses of online advertising, investor relation services and event management. With more exploration, the Group may cross-sell a wider variety magazine advertising space, in turn enhance our advertising business opportunities.

updated 8th July, 2016

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