(Formerly known as Zebra Strategic Holdings Limited)
(incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability)

Corporate Profile       

Yin He Holdings Limited is a leading credit assessment and credit consultancy service provider in China. It is also engaged in the innovative finance business and financial inclusion services. The Group was successfully listed on the HKEX on April 10, 2013, with stock code of 8260.HK.

The Group was previously engaged in the provision of staff outsourcing services, executive/staff search services and other human resources support services ( In December 2014, the Group completed the acquisition of Sheng Zhou Group to develop the businesses of credit assessment and credit consultancy services to Chinese clients, which is a significant step for the strategic development of the Group. In addition to business diversity, the Group also aims to expand its executive/staff search services to China to enhance and broaden financial returns. The Group has successfully located a branch office in Shanghai in response to the increasing demand for executive/staff search services in the city, especially in the banking and financial sectors.

In November 2015, the Group acquired Guangzhou Shun Xin Dai Internet Financial Information Services Limited (廣 州 順 心 貸 互 聯 網 金 融 服 務 有 限 公 司 ) and subsequently acquired two financial management and asset management companies , strategically transferring the business structure and operation approaches of the Group. These actions lay down the Group's future development direction with credit management, P2P, fund investment and asset management as its business core, while it will put more effort in the fields of innovative finance and financial inclusion.

The Group will keep searching innovative financial corporations whose development strategy is consistency with ours in mainland China. The M&A will be considered and practiced at appropriate time, to upgrade the service standard and core competitive of the Group, striving further investment returns for investors and shareholders of the Group.

In terms of the macro economy and development trends of China, financial inclusion and innovative finance will be two remarkable growth drivers in the future. They are also considered as key industries supported by Chinese macro policies. The Group believes that with the adjustments of direction of development, scope of business, and strategy of operations, the Group will become a leading corporation in new financial investment fields and is expected to sport rapid future growth.

updated 27th October, 2016

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