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  • 2022-November-17
  • Alibaba Group Announces September Quarter 2022 Results (in PDF)
  • 2022-August-4
  • Alibaba Group Announces June Quarter 2022 Results (in PDF)
  • 2022-August-4
  • Alibaba Group Appoints Two Independent Directors with Enhanced Corporate Governance (in PDF)
  • 2022-July-26
  • Alibaba Group Announces Filing of Annual Report on Form 20-F for Fiscal Year 2022 (in PDF)
  • 2022-July-26
  • Chairman and CEO's Letter to Shareholders (in PDF)
  • 2022-July-26
  • Alibaba Group Pursues Primary Listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (in PDF)
  • 2022-July-22
  • Alibaba Group Will Announce June Quarter 2022 Results on August 4, 2022 (in PDF)
  • 2022-June-30
  • Alibaba Cloud Launches Carbon Management Solution - Energy Expert (in PDF)
  • 2022-June-27
  • Report Finds MSMEs to bethe "Backbone of the Post-Pandemic Economy" (in PDF)
  • 2022-May-26
  • Alibaba Group Announces March Quarter and Full Fiscal Year 2022 Results (in PDF)
  • 2022-May-13
  • Alibaba Group Will Announce March Quarter 2022 and Full Fiscal Year 2022 Results on May 26, 2022 (in PDF)
  • 2022-April-22
  • Alibaba Group Joins Low Carbon Patent Pledge to Accelerate the Adoption of Green Technology (in PDF)
  • 2022-March-22
  • Alibaba Group Upsizes Share Repurchase to US$25 Billion from US$15 Billion, Appoints New Independent Director to Board (in PDF)
  • 2022-February-24
  • Alibaba Group Announces December Quarter 2021 Results (in PDF)
  • 2022-February-10
  • Alibaba Unveils 'Virtual Influencer' for the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 (in PDF)
  • 2022-February-6
  • "Cloud ME" Technology Defies Distance to Bring People Closer Together for Beijing 2022 (in PDF)
  • 2022-January-10
  • Alibaba Unveils Forecast of Top 10 Leading Tech Trends (in PDF)
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