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  • 2015-November-4
  • Alibaba Pictures Acquires Taobao Movie and Yulebao from Alibaba Group, Creating an Innovative and Integrated Online and Offline Platform of Demand-driven Movies and TV Dramas (in PDF)
  • 2015-October-23
  • Press Release (Chinese Version) (in PDF)
  • 2015-October-12
  • Alibaba Pictures Signs MOU to Invest in Korean Film with Kim Soo Hyun (in PDF)
  • 2015-September-7
  • Alibaba Pictures' First Hollywood Film Investment Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation Debuts Tomorrow in China, Movie Launch Follows Two Months of Promotions on Alibaba's Ecosystem (in PDF)
  • 2015-August-27
  • Press Release (Chinese Version) (in PDF)
  • 2015-August-12
  • Alibaba Pictures Strengthens Organisational Structure to Become Internet-based Integrated Entertainment Company (in PDF)
  • 2015-June-24
  • Alibaba Pictures to Invest in Paramount Pictures' "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation" Movie (in PDF)
  • 2015-April-21
  • Alibaba Pictures Acquires 100% Interest in Yueke Software Engineering, Extending Internet-based Capability to the Entire Industry Value Chain (in PDF)
  • 2015-February-13
  • Press Release (Chinese Version) (in PDF)
  • 2015-February-3
  • Press Release (Chinese Version) (in PDF)
  • 2015-January-11
  • Alibaba Pictures Partners Wong Kar-wai and Tony Leung for Maiden Film "Bai Du Ren" (in PDF)
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