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AsiaInfo Technologies was founded in 1993. We build on our products, services, operations and integration capabilities to provide telecom operators and other large enterprise with software products and related services for business transformation and digitalization. We are committed to becoming an enabler for the digital transformation of large enterprises.

We are the largest telecom software products and related service provider in telecom industry in China, and our market share is 25.3% in terms of 2017 revenue,according to Frost & Sullivan. According to the same source,we are also the largest BSS software products and related service provider in telecom industry China, with a market share of 50% in terms of 2017 revenue. We are the first generation of telecommunications software suppliers in China, and build long-term cooperation with China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom since 1990s, supporting more than 1 billion users nationwide. Our long-standing partnership with telecom operators gives us a deep understanding of the IT and network environments and business operations demands of telecom operators, enabling us to develop a comprehensive portfolio of over 500 mission-critical carrier-grade software products (software products primarily target telecom operators and are critical to their business operations), including CRM product, charging & billing product, big data, the IoT, and network intelligence products. As of June 30, 2018, we have 212 telecom operator customers, including China Mobile, Chinese Unicom and China Telecom's headquarters, provincial companies, municipal companies, specialized companies and joint ventures.

We are also actively expanding our presence in China's non-telecom enterprise software product and related service market. With our extensive industry knowledge and expertise and solid leadership in the telecom software product and related service market and a full-spectrum of highly specialized, carrier-grade product portfolio, we believe we are favorably positioned to address enterprises', especially large enterprises' similar, fundamental needs in business transformation and digitalization. As of June 30, 2018, we have 32 large enterprise customers in the cable TV, postal and financial services industries. By serving both the telecom and non-telecom enterprise markets with shared resources, management, domain expertise and technology know-how, we are able to leverage synergies in winning new businesses and remain competitive advantages.

updated 12th December, 2019

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