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GUANGDONG CHIGO AIR CONDITIONING CO.,LTD established in 1994, is a leading enterprise among the AC manufacturers in China. It mainly engages in designing, R&D, manufacturing AC as well as distributing AC domestically and internationally. More than 90% of the turnover in 2008 came from the distribution of AC & AC spare parts according to the report issued by the State Information Center.

GHIGO GROUP is one of the largest AC manufacturers in China. It has had an AC manufacturing base with annual production capacity of 10 million sets in Foshan, Guangdong Province. Chigo Group owns prefect components manufacture and self-supply chain system, consisting of seven main production section and supporting facilities. Meanwhile, it provides other AC manufacturers with main components, such as condenser, evaporator, motor and fan etc.

GHIGO GROUP has invested large amount to establish advanced reliability labs. Its Measurement and Testing Lab has been certified by Lab National Certification Committee. Chigo Group advocates standard testing for reliable AC and sets a good example by their actions. Basing on strict testing of "Safety Indicator", "Adaptability Indicator", "Stability Indicator" & "Compression Resistance Indicator", Chigo quantifies the standard of good AC indeed.

GHIGO GROUP has become one of Chinese postdoctoral scientific research workstation, with a top technical team leaded by the post-doctoral researchers in refrigeration from Tsinghua University. As so far, it has possessed more than 150 self-developed techniques and patents. Chigo products have obtained more than 400 certificates issued by international and national authorities.

updated 30th June, 2009

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