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Procedures for Voting by a Poll              

The shareholders may demand a poll at a general meeting of the Company (including the annual general meeting) pursuant to the Articles of Association of the Company.

According to Article 61 of the Articles of Association of the Company, at every general meeting a resolution put to the vote of the meeting shall be decided on a show of hands, unless (before or immediately after the declaration of the result of the show of hands) a poll is demand by:

(I) the chairman of the meeting; or
(II) at least three members present in person or by proxy having the right to vote on the resolution; or
(III) a member or members present in person or by proxy representing in aggregate not less than one-tenth of the total voting rights of all the members having the right to attend and vote at the meeting; or
(IV) a member or members present in person or by proxy holding shares conferring the right to attend and vote at the meeting on which an aggregate sum has been paid up equal to not less than one-tenth of the total sum paid up on all the shares conferring that right,

and a demand for a poll by a person as proxy for a member shall be as valid as if the demand were made by the member himself.

Notwithstanding the above, under Rule 13.39(4) of the Listing Rules, any vote of shareholders at a general meeting must be taken by poll except where the chairman, in good faith, decides to allow a resolution which relates purely to a procedural or administrative matter to be voted on by a show of hands.

Procedural and administrative matters are those that: (i) are not on the agenda of the general meeting or in any supplementary circular to members; and (ii) which relate to the chairman's duties to maintain the orderly conduct of the meeting and/or allow the business of the meeting to be properly and effectively dealt with, whilst allowing all shareholders a reasonable opportunity to express their views.

Therefore, the chairman will demand a poll on all resolutions proposed at the general meetings held hereafter. The chairman or the company secretary explains the procedures for voting by poll to shareholders and answers any questions from shareholders before a poll is required to be conducted at the meeting. The relevant poll results are published on the websites of the Company and Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited not later than the business day following the relevant meeting, and announced the relevant poll results in the manner prescribed under Rule 13.39(5) of the Listing Rules.

updated 9th September, 2013

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