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China Star Entertainment Limited and its subsidiaries (China Star or the group) is principally engaged in the production and distribution of films and television drama series and provision of other film related services including artist management services. The group also engaged in property development and investment in Hong Kong and Macau.

Achievement in the past and current business development:

China Star has previously being a well-established entertainment, multimedia, production and distribution enterprise that are based in Chinese dialect. In the course of this development, China Star is striving hard to establish excellent reputation as a powerful film producer and international film distributor.

Since 2000, China Star has produced various films, of which most of them earned critical acclaim and scored a resounding success at the box office. In 2000, "Needing You" was the leading local film of the respective year having a box office of approximately HK$35 million. In 2001, the four most popular and successful films produced by China Star namely "Wu Yen", "Love On A Diet", "La Brassiere" and Master Q 2001" achieved a total of box office receipts of approximately HK$107 million, representing 38% of total box office receipts for top ten Chinese films in Hong Kong. China Star has proven to be the most recognized film producer in Hong Kong. In 2002, "My Left Eye Sees Ghosts", "The Lion Roars", "Mighty Baby" and "Fat Choi Spirit" achieved total box office receipts of approximately HK73 million, make them four of the most successful local Chinese films of that year. In 2003, films produced by China Star won a number of the major awards at the 23rd Hong Kong Film Awards. "Running on Karma" was awarded the Best Film and the Best Screenplay, and Mr. Andy Lau was named the Best Actor with his role in the film. The awards Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress came to Miss Cecilia Cheung and Ms. Josie Ho with their respective performance in "Lost in Time" and "Naked Ambition". "Lost in Time" has also won the award of Best Original Film Score for the outstanding work by Mr. Peter Kam. Mr. Andy Ong, a new artist under China Star was also honored as the Best New Performer. In 2004, Fantasia, the group's Chinese New Year blockbuster, recorded the second highest box office of all local films in 2004. In 2005, a high-quality film "Election" produced by the group received response. Apart from achieving outstanding results in ticketing and distribution, the film had won a number of top awards in the 25th Hong Kong Film Awards, including the Best Film Award, the Best Director's Award, the Best Script Play Award and the Best Actor's Award, fully recognized by the experts in the industry. In 2016, a film "League of Gods " has cost more than 500 million of Hong Kong dollar of the group in production, featured a strong casting of movie stars and produced in collaboration with a 3D special effect team from Hollywood.

Starting from the year 2006, the group had reorganized its business and had started to step in the hotel operation by acquiring its interest in Hotel Lan Kwai Fong (Macau) Limited (formerly known as Kingsway Hotel Limited). After that, the group had invested huge capital in Hotel Lan Kwai Fong (Macau) Limited in renovation the property. Following the grand opening of Hotel Lan Kwai Fong Macau, the group had expanded its business into the hotel operation, management of casino operations, food and beverage business and health and clinical spa business. The casino was run by license holder Sociedade de Jogos de Macau, S.A. ("SJM"), one of the shareholders in Hotel Lan Kwai Fong (Macau) Limited. The group's subsidiary, Classic Management & Services Company Limited ("Classic") has entered into service and site license agreements with SJM. Under the agreements, Classic has granted to SJM a right to occupy and use spaces in Hotel Lan Kwai Fong Macau to run the casino and Classic is responsible for the provision of marketing, promotion, publicity, customer development and introduction, co-ordination of activities and other services as agreed between Classic and SJM. In return, Classic shared a fixed percentage of service income from SJM based on the monthly gross wins of the table gaming and slot machines in the casino in Hotel Lan Kwai Fong Macau. Hotel Lan Kwai Fong had provided stable income to the group. Hotel Lan Kwai Fong Macau has been awarded with several international accolades, which included the "5th China Hotel Starlight Awards 2009 - Best Designed Boutique Hotel of China" and the "2012 TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice - Top 25 Trendiest Hotels in China". In respect of promoting the notion of environmental protection, Hotel Lan Kwai Fong Macau has won the "AHF Asia Awards 2010 - Leading Green Hotel of Asia" and the "Macao Green Hotel Award 2010 - Bronze Award". Hotel and gaming service operations business was discontinued in early 2018 and the Group obtained a significant profit from its disposal.

The Group has two projects under development in Macau, namely (i) the combined site at Lot 6C, Lot 6D and Lot 6E at Zona de Aterros do Porto Exterior, Macau (the "Combined Site"); and (ii) "Lote 7 da Zona C do Plano de Urbaniza 諙 o da Zona da Ba 螮 da Praia Grande", located at Avenida Doutor Stanley Ho (the "Property C7"). The construction works of the Combined Site already started in June 2017 and is expected to complete in 2019. The Combined Site has completed foundation and basement structure works in May 2018 and then started the reinforced concrete framed structure works. It is expected that the reinforced concrete framed structure works will complete by around October 2018, the architectural works, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) services installation and fitting-out works will complete by around August 2019, the whole Combined Site will complete by around September 2019, and occupation permit from The Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau of Macau ("DSSOPT") will be obtained by around October 2019. As regards the Property C7, an architect has been engaged and is still in the process to compile a development plan of the Property C7 in accordance with the parameters for submission to DSSOPT for approval. The construction works of Property C7 will start after the completion of the construction works of the Combined Site.

updated 13th June, 2018

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