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Coolpad Group Limited
(Formerly known as China Wireless Technologies Limited
(Incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability)

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  • 2007-December-11
  • China Wireless Technologies Successively Entered Deloitte's Top 50 Fastest Growing and High Tech Enterprises of China for the Third Time (in PDF)
  • 2007-November-10
  • China Wireless' Brand Construction Strategy Succeeds - ”Coolpad” Being Awarded Best Contribution Award in Best Chinese Brand Construction Cases Selection (in PDF)
  • 2007-August-27
  • 2007 Interim Results Press Release (Chinese version only) (in PDF)
  • 2007-July-11
  • China Wireless Technologies Adopts Qualcomm's Single Chip, Becomes the First Batch of Enterprise Using Single Chip Solution (in PDF)
  • 2007-June-26
  • China Wireless Technologies Wins RMB1.5 Billion Contract to Supply 300,000 "Coolpad" Smartphones with Securities Trading Function to Tap China's Stock Market Fever; Becoming China's Only Developer of Handsets with Securities Trading Capability (in PDF)
  • 2007-June-20
  • China Wireless Technologies and China Unicom Jointly Add Securities Trading Function to Smartphones to Tap China's Stock Market Fever (in PDF)
  • 2007-May-17
  • China Wireless Technologies' Wholly-owned Subsidiary Receives RMB 2 Million Subsidy from MII to Develop China's 3G Telecom Market (in PDF)
  • 2007-May-9
  • China Wireless Technologies' "Coolpad" Named One of "21st Century Top Luxury Brands" the Only Telecommunication Product Brand to Make the List (in PDF)
  • 2007-April-12
  • China Wireless Technologies Announces 2006 Annual Results; New Smartphone Sales Boosts Turnover by 81% to HK$ 641 Million (in PDF)
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