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The Group is principally engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, engineering and sales of, and the provision of technical maintenance services for, a wide spectrum of transportation, storage and processing equipment that is widely used for the energy, chemical and liquid food industries.

Key products of each segment include: CNG seamless pressure cylinders, on-vehicle LNG fuel tanks, CNG and LNG trailers, LPG trailers and tanks and natural gas refueling station systems in the energy equipment segment; tank containers for chemical liquids, liquefied gas and cryogenic liquids in the chemical equipment segment; and stainless steel processing and storage tanks in the liquid food equipment segment. Project engineering services are also provided by the three segments.

The Group runs sales offices in the PRC and South-east Asia. Energy and chemical products and services are delivered across the PRC and exported to South-east Asia, Europe and both North and South America. While the production bases of liquid food products are established in Europe, its products and services are sold worldwide.

The Group is committed to build a broad and solid customer network, especially with industry heavyweights and customers of great growth potentials. The Group's broad customer base includes big names such PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, China Resources Gas, ENN Energy, Shenzhen Gas, PT PLN (Persero), Cronos, EXSIF, TAL International, Sinochem International, Eurotainer, Constellation Brands, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Heineken and Carlsberg.

The Group strives to be a world-leading manufacturer of specialised equipment and provider of project engineering services and integrated solutions for energy, chemical and liquid food industries.

updated 6th September, 2016

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