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Over the years, in adherence to the business development strategy of focus on principal business and moderate diversification, the Company is committed to providing agricultural equipment with advanced technology and reliable quality for mechanization of the PRC agricultural industry. The Company's principal businesses include research and development, manufacturing and sales of agricultural machinery, power machinery and their spare parts. YTO Finance, a controlled subsidiary of the Company, has mainly engaged in the business of fund settlement, fund raising and financing and other financial services among the member companies of the Group, as well as the provision of financial service support for the product sales of the Company.

Agricultural Machinery Business: The business includes research and development, manufacturing and sales of the whole series of wheeled and crawler tractors adaptable to different working environments such as dry fields, paddy fields and orchards, and their key components including castings, gears, gear boxes and cover that are used in agricultural production.

Power Machinery Business: The products include off-road diesel engines with displacement of 2L to 12L and power output of 10KW to 405KW and their accessory parts including fuel injection pump and fuel injector. The products are mainly matching agricultural machinery, such as tractors and harvesters, and accessories of construction machinery, low-speed vehicles, vessels and power generators.

Finance Business: YTO Finance, a controlled subsidiary of the Company, is a non-bank financial institution approved by the CBIRC. It provides members of the corporate group with services within the scope approved by the CBIRC, such as fund settlement, deposit and loan, bills, and conducts financial leasing business for the Company's product sales and investment businesses in compliance with the requirements of regulators.

updated as per Annual Report 2019

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