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  • 2019-December-12
  • Huanxi Launches New Documentary Channel, Featuring Selected Quality Productions Worldwide (in PDF)
  • 2019-August-29
  • Huanxi Media’s 1H 2018 Revenue Surges to HK$84.99 Million, Due to Movie Box Office Successes, Mega Box Office Hit Dying to Survive to be Booked to 2H 2018 Revenue (in PDF)
  • 2019-August-14
  • Huanxi Media Turns Profitable, 1H2019 Net Profit Surges to HK$320 Million, Revenue from Main Businesses Increases More than 11-Fold (in PDF)
  • 2019-May-7
  • Popular TV Drama Bodyguard to Be Released in China on (in PDF)
  • 2019-April-9
  • Huanxi Media's Comedy Miss Mom Completes Filming, Ren Suxi Dares to Love with Support from "Grandfather" Li Baotian (in PDF)
  • 2019-March-26
  • Driven by Impressive Box Office Receipts of Dying to Survive and Us and Them, Huanxi Media’s 2018 Revenue Surges 228% to HK$174.63 Million, Guaranteed Minimum Distribution Income of RMB700 Million from Crazy Alien to be Booked in 1H2019 (in PDF)
  • 2019-February-21
  • Huanxi Media Begins Production of Miss Mom, Starring the Talented Actors Ren Suxi and Li Baotian (in PDF)
  • 2019-January-31
  • Huanxi Media Begins Three New Productions Including Lost in Russia (in PDF)
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