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Corporate Profile       

We are a fast growing media company that primarily focuses on investing, producing and distributing movies in the Chinese market. Listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 1003), our major shareholders and management team include Mr. Dong Ping, one of China's most accomplished movie and media investors, and Mr. Ning Hao and Mr. Xu Zheng, two of China's most influential movie producers and directors. By leveraging on the unparalleled track record of our management team in creating profitable film content, we are building a media company that deliver original, story - driven content to the rapidly growing Chinese market.

Our management team

The board of directors of the Company comprises Mr. Dong Ping (Chairman) and Mr. Xiang Shaokun Steven (Chief Executive Officer) as executive directors and Mr. Ning Hao and Mr. Xu Zheng as non-executive directors, and Mr. Wong Tak Chuen, Mr.Wang Hong and Mr. Li Xiaolong as independent non-executive directors.

Mr. Dong Ping
Mr. Dong Ping, the Company's executive director, has extensive experience, knowledge and connection in investment and operation of Chinese media, advertisement, satellite TV, film productions and media industry and was the former Chairman of ChinaVision Media Group Limited (now known as Alibaba Pictures Group Limited), the issued shares of which are listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 1060). Mr. Dong has been the principal investor, producer and co-producer of various internationally renowned films, including Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon《 臥 虎 藏 龍 》 (directed by Mr. Ang Lee (李 安 )), Devils on the Doorstep《 鬼 子 來 了 》 (directed by Mr. Jiang Wen (姜 文 )), Peacock《 孔 雀 》 (directed by Mr. Gu Changwei (顧 長 衛 )), Let the Bullets Fly《 讓 子 彈 飛 》 (directed by Mr. Jiang Wen (姜 文 )), Journey to the West:Conquering the Demons《 西 遊 . 降 魔 篇 》 (directed by Mr. Stephen Chow (周 星 馳 )), Dearest《 親 愛 的 》 (directed by Mr. Chan Ho Sun (陳 可 辛 )) and Breakup Buddies《 心 花 路 放 》 (directed by Mr. Ning Hao). Some of these films have won numerous major awards in both domestic and overseas film festivals.

Mr. Ning Hao
Mr. Ning Hao, the Company's non-executive director, is a famous Chinese film director and screenwriter. Mr. Ning is a film director and screenwriter who has directed seven films between 2003 and 2014, which were engraved with his unique personal style and won international acclaim. His directorial debut Incense《 香 火 》 (2003) and his second film Mongolian Ping Pong 《 綠 草 地 》 (2004) were nominated in more than 50 international film festivals, including the Berlin Film Festival, Locarno Film Festival and the Hong Kong Film Festival. Among these, Incense won the Grand Prize at the Fourth Tokyo FILMeX Festival in 2003 and the Golden Prize (Asian Digital Films) at the 28th Hong Kong International Film Festival in 2004. In 2006, Mr. Ning directed his small budget film Crazy Stone 《 瘋 狂 的 石 頭 》 , which won the Taiwan Golden Horse Award (臺 灣 金 馬 獎 ) for the Best Original Screenplay. Crazy Racer《 瘋 狂 的 賽 車 》 (2009), which was wrote and directed by Mr. Ning, was produced for an investment of only RMB10 million and achieved over RMB100 million at the box office. In 2013, Mr. Ning directed No Man's Land《 無 人 區 》 , which won the Annual Tribute Movie by One Hundred Media (百 家 傳 媒 年 度 致 敬 電 影 ) at the 14th Chinese Film Media Awards (華 語 電 影 傳 媒 大 獎 ). Mr. Ning also directed the huge box office hit Breakup Buddies《 心 花 路 放 》 (2014) which grossed RMB1,169 million at the PRC box office and became the highest grossing-domestic Chinese film of the year.

Mr. Xu Zheng
Mr. Xu Zheng, the Company's non-executive director, is a famous Chinese actor, director, screenwriter and producer. Mr. Xu started his career as an actor in the 1990s. In 2012, his directorial debut Lost in Thailand《 人 再 囧 途 之 泰 囧 》 (a road trip comedy) which he also wrote, produced and starred in, earned over US$200 million and became the highest grossing domestic Chinese film ever. In 2014, he produced and starred in The Great Hypnotist《 催 眠 大 師 》 (a suspense thriller film), which achieved outstanding box-office success (with approximately RMB274 million) and a great reputation in the Chinese suspense thriller film market. As an actor, Mr. Xu has appeared in films including No Man's Land《 無 人 區 》 (2013) (for which he was awarded the best lead actor by the Chinese Film Director Association (中 國 電 影 導 演 協 會 ) in 2014) and the huge box office hit Breakup Buddies《 心 花 路 放 》 (2014).

updated 2nd September, 2019

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