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23 March 2001

E-Commerce Enabler Taking Action
EC-Founder Launch Enterprise Application Portal Products

(Shenzhen China, 23 March 2001) Beijing EC-Founder Co., Ltd, subsidiary under EC-Founder (Holdings) Company Limited (SEHK: 618) ("EC-Founder"), today launches its Enterprise Application Portal ("EAP") products and its e-strategies targeting the China enterprises. This is the first major step taken by EC-Founder, after positioning itself as an "E-Commerce Enabler" in November 2000. As part of its year 2001 development plan, EC-Founder aims to provide the right e-solutions for China enterprises, especially those enterprises in the "3C" industries, namely, Computer, Communications and Consumer Electronics.

At the launch, Mr Ricky Lee, President of EC-Founder, emphasized that the development of "EAP" products comes from the actual market need. In the past two years, a lot of China companies started talking about systems, such as ERP and ASP. However, due to the high threshold (such as huge capital investment, large human resources input, long investment period and large scale of restructuring), there has all along been great impediment. In view of this situation, EC-Founder comes up with its whole new concept of "Customer Need Oriented Phaseless E-Commerce", as well as its breakthrough "Enterprise Application Portal" products.

Using Internet and its related technologies, EC-Founder's EAP products for a specific enterprise comprise the establishment of the enterprise's Intranet, its inter-enterprise applications and its enterprise portal (EP). Devised with such compatibility as capable of connecting to all of the enterprise's already-established OA/Accounting/HR/e-commerce systems, EC-Founder's EAP products greatly avoid any repetitive investments. On the other hand, EC-Founder's EAP products line up easily with the enterprise's ERP system (if there is), treating it like just another plug-in module, and in turn connect the latter to other Internet-based and/or e-commerce related applications.

EC-Founder's EAP is currently in use by MC.Founder Limited in Hong Kong and Beijing Founder Electronics Co. Ltd, who shared their experience in using EAP with fifty other companies presented at the launch.

Issued on behalf of EC-Founder (Holdings) Company Limited by Founder Holdings Limited. For background information about the former, please visit their website at

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