EC-Founder (Holdings) Company Limited

For Immediate Release
18 April 2001

EC-Founder "FireGate" Network Security System:
China's First Domestically Developed Packet-filtering Firewall Product
To Receive State-level Recognition

(Hong Kong - 18 April 2001) EC-Founder (Holdings) Company Limited ("EC-Founder", SEHK: 618) today announced the news that EC-Founder's self-developed "FireGate" firewall network security system ("FireGate") has recently received a state-level recognition from China's Public Security Ministry. The recognition is based on China's latest state-level network-security product standard (GB/T18020-1999). It is the first (Packet-Filtering Firewall) network security system to have satisfied the said standard.

According to the President of EC-Founder, Mr Ricky Lei, the initiative for developing "FireGate" has come from the need for a domestically developed product answering to the specific network security needs of China end-users. He said, "Recognition from the State Public Security Ministry of our product further establishes EC-Founder's leadership position in the PRC as an Internet-age software solution provider."

"FireGate" is a high-powered comprehensive network security system, functioning in two modes: Gateway Mode and Router Mode. Having adopted a 3I (Intelligent IP Identifying) technology, "FireGate" effectively prevents malevolent invasions, such as DOS, DDOS and Synflood. As a packet filtering firewall security system, "FireGate" provides functions such as packet filtering, Proxy, bandwidth management and VPN, traffic control and invasion detection (IDS). Its finely designed jurisdiction system enables three levels of system administration: System Administrator, Policy Administrator and Auditor. Such jurisdiction system guarantees network security with minimal performance loss.

According to the CTO of EC-Founder, Professor Zou Wei, "FireGate" has a number of distinctive features, as compared to other firewall security products. "FireGate" provides additional functions such as dual backup, bandwidth monitoring and remote centralised network management. "FireGate" promises to provide the maximum network security for enterprises and government agencies.

In order to broadcast the name of "FireGate" as a most reliable network security system while promoting the consciousness for network security to China's enterprises and end-users, Beijing EC-Founder has been performing a series of "FireGate" roadshows in ten major China cities, namely, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shenyang, Jinan, Wuhan, Chengdu and Xi'an since the beginning of March.

Issued on behalf of EC-Founder (Holdings) Company Limited by Founder Holdings Limited.

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