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(Hong Kong, July 15, 2001) - the leading PRC internet software, solutions and service provider, EC-Founder (Holdings) Company Limited ("EC-Founder")(stock code: 618), one of the sponsors of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Bid Committee ("BOBICO"), is the creator of the BOBICO official website Apart from constructing the website, EC-Founder also provides continuous and comprehensive network security solutions and technological supporting services to maintain and upkeep the smooth running of the website since its launch in early 2000.

Mr. Ricky Lei, President of EC-Founder, was honored with an invitation from BOBICO to travel to Moscow to support Beijing's Olympic bid and to share in the glory and excitement of Beijing's historical victory in the hosting country selection for the 2008 Olympic Games on 13 July, 2001.

Mr. Ricky Lei said, "EC-Founder was founded in Beijing and is delighted to maintain such good relationships with the Beijing Municipal Government and the State Sport General Administration of China. We whole-heartedly congratulate Beijing on its successful bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games. I am also particularly honored to have this invaluable opportunity to participate and share in this remarkable event."

Mr. Lei continued, "EC-Founder was very proud to have the opportunity to construct the official website for BOBICO. The website serves not only as an important gateway to promote the bidding campaign, but also provides a world accessible platform for BOBICO's latest progress and information in China. We therefore gathered our top professional team and utilized our advanced internet software technology to build the website to serve these purposes and to cope with one of the major themes of the bidding campaign 'Technology Olympics'. This proved to be great success."

At the end of 1999, BOBICO announced the tender for the construction and service provider for its official website EC-Founder was awarded the tender by BOBICO's special committee, to build the website, winning over several domestic and internationally renowned IT competitors.

Within the very short period of 25 days, EC-Founder completed the comprehensive construction of the official website which included network planning, construction, content editing, software development, network construction, web page design and operational testing and met the committed official launch date on 01 February, 2000. This enabled Beijing to be the first official website to commence operation among the candidate countries. The site consisted of over 500 content pages in 2 major languages - Chinese and English. In the later upgraded version, the website became one of ONLY 2 official websites providing the highest language diversity with 4 language versions - Chinese, English, French and Spanish.

Mr. Lei further stated, "The successful construction of the BOBICO official website has enhanced the EC-Founder brand name, positioning ourselves as one of the leading internet software solution providers in the region. The rich content, detailed information and instant updates of progress and new events resulted in tremendous supports from all over the world. At the same time, EC-Founder's advanced network security system successfully protected the website from hackers, securing continuous operation throughout the bidding campaign period."

According to the real-time monitoring system and records embedded in the website, the network security system successfully withstood over 15,000 network hacker attacks during the critical "hacker war" in May 2001.

Discussing EC-Founder's future business development, Mr Lei said, "The provision of network security system services, being one of EC-Founder's four core business areas, is in high demand in this new era of e-Commerce business environment. EC-Founder will build on our solid foundations in China to expand our markets worldwide. With the establishment of such an important official website for the global community, EC-Founder has gained valuable experience, also enhancing our brand name for our future business development."

EC-Founder focuses on the development of internet-related software technology, solutions and services in 4 areas - geographic information intelligence, network security products and solutions, e-Finance solutions and enterprise information solutions after a re-organization in September 2000.

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