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Expands E-Finance Solutions In The PRC
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(Hong Kong, November 25, 2001) - Leading PRC software services and solutions provider, EC-Founder (Holdings) Limited, ("EC-Founder") (stock code: 618), developed an Important Customer Service System for China Construction Bank. With the contract sum for the first stage amounting to RMB45 million, the system design and development has been completed. Currently under testing, the overall system is expected to be in full operation by the end of the year.

The "Important Customer Service System " developed by EC-Founder has been undergoing trials at China Construction Bank's branches in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Jiangsu and Shangdong in recent months. China Construction Bank also showcased this Important Customer Service System in the Second China Hi-Tech Fair in Shenzhen in October. It was well-received by clients such as China Mobile, for its innovative customer and market oriented services concept.

Mr. Ricky Lei, President of EC-Founder, said, "After the capital clearing system reforms in China's securities market, security houses have higher demands for capital clearing services. At the same time, more and more corporations are turning to business to business (B2B) clearing platforms for financial settlement. Consequently, EC-Founder specifically developed this Important Customer Service System for China Construction Bank to enhance the efficiency of its business operations, satisfy market needs and increase its market competitiveness. The development of this service system for China Construction Bank, lays extremely important foundations for our own future development in the e-finance solutions and services business in the industry."

This service system is targeted for clients with large amounts of capital. The system is characterized by its ability to manage real-time money transfers and controls between two locations through a business to business clearing platform on the internet. This system enables the Bank to operate its on-line transactions in a standardized manner amongst nationwide security houses, and also facilitates its internal capital management, data collection, intelligence analysis and automated capital transfers. This increases the efficiencies of both internal management and external business operations. Currently, numerous security houses in Shenzhen and Shanghai, such as China Galaxy Securities Co. Ltd., Tiantong Securities (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., have already become users of China Construction Bank's Important Customer Service System as their clearing platforms.

Mr. Lei continued, "At present, the efficiency and capability of this Important Customer Service System is leading the e-finance solutions and services industry in the PRC. EC-Founder will thus leverage this early mover advantage to develop additional e-finance solutions and services. We will not only continue to capture business opportunities to provide system applications software for security houses to interface with China Construction Bank's system, but will also extend its applications to cover government institutions, large corporations and public utilities, such as railways, the civil aviation, electricity and telecommunications industries, to satisfy increasing demand for B2B clearing services in the different sectors."

Currently, EC-Founder also has contracts with Fayhoo Securities Online and Suzhou Securities for interfacing solutions and services for connection to China Construction Bank's system. This will help to facilitate - their business development in real-time stock transactions between two locations; capital monitoring and regular fund transfers between headquarters; branches and sales departments; deposit trusteeship for clients; etc.

Mr. Lei concluded, "With the acceptance of the Important Customer Service System by corporations, we expect more and more clients with large capital amounts to use this system, bringing in additional business opportunities in interfacing solutions and services applications for EC-Founder. Leveraging the strengths of our research and development and solid business foundations, as well as our quick response to market demand, we believe that our future development will be both broader and brighter."

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