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For immediate release23 May, 2000

Island East Matrix attracts global telecom provider
to build facility management site

Swire Properties today (Tuesday, 23 May 2000) announced that global telecommunications provider, KDD Telecomet Hong Kong Ltd (KDD), has committed to lease 31,500 sq. ft. at Warwick House in Island East to build its facility management site.

Mr Stephan G Spurr, Director & General Manager of Swire Properties, said: "Our Island East Matrix is successfully proving to be the choice of top international telecommunications operators. This is where they build their communications infrastructure in Hong Kong to serve the region's rapidly growing telecommunications needs for business activities as well as for its wide-spreading electronic business applications."

Swire Properties' Island East Matrix of 11 buildings is fast gaining a reputation as the region's leading telecoms hotelling port, supported by a dedicated satellite farm and a unique fibre network which connects the individual properties in the portfolio together. The area is creating the largest carrier class exchange in Asia Pacific outside Japan and is home already to Level 3 and C&W HKT.

"The Island East Matrix, and in particular, our Techno Centres in Warwick, Cornwall and Somerset Houses, enable us to colocate other colocation hubs and in turn, shall shortly be offering colocation opportunities to our many office tenants and the territory at large," added Mr Spurr.

Mr.Takayuki Kawakita, Managing Director of KDD Telecomet Hong Kong Ltd, said : "KDD Corporation (KDD) has provided facility management services for more than 10 years in Europe and the USA region through our well-known subsidiary 'Telehouse' as a pioneer. Now we are about to penetrate into the Asian region. Hong Kong is the first move. We will provide good infrastructure for end users, ASPs and ISPs as we do in Europe and the USA region with the excellent, flexible and fair policy. KDD is providing infrastructure to JPIX, NSPIX2, NYIIX, LAIIX and LINX as well as in operating and performing the maintenance for NYIIX and LAIIX. JPIX is a joint venture and operate at KDD site. The company has also begun promoting the KDD Terabit Highway (KTH21) project which will feature ultrahigh-speed communications at the terabit level that ensure high-quality, low-cost communications over next-generation networks."

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Source: Swire Pacific Limited
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