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Yuexiu Services Group Limited was established in 1992 as a subsidiary of Yuexiu Property Company Limited which belongs to a leading state-owned enterprise Yuexiu Group under the Guangzhou Municipal Government. Yuexiu Services is an all-round urban operation service provider in China, a leading integrated property management services provider in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and also the only one among China's top 100 property service companies to provide property services for metro property projects in the Greater Bay Area. It is one of the first enterprises to have received first-class property management qualification at the national level. The company is also the standing director institution of the China Property Management Association (中 国 物 业 管 理 协 会 ), the vice president institution of the Guangdong Property Management Industry Association (广 东 省 物 业 管 理 行 业 协 会 ), and the president institution of the Guangzhou Property Management Industry Association (广 州 市 物 业 管 理 行 业 协 会 ).

For nearly 30 years, Yuexiu Services Group Limited has been fulfilling its mission of making life good with dedication. It leverages new technologies to give full play to its rich experience in the entire value chain of the residential property management, expert operation of commercial properties and transit-oriented development ("TOD") integrated property management. It aims to enhance customer experience and, at the same time, increase both the enterprise value through its operation and the scale of its business. The company comprehensively meets the diverse needs of people in their quest for a good life. As at February 2021, Yuexiu Services had extended its geographical market coverage to nearly 20 cities, with the Greater Bay Area as its core market and strong footholds in eastern, central, northern and southwestern China. It now provides property management services for more than 200 projects, with more than 30 million sq.m. of gross floor area under its management. The types of properties that it manages include residential properties, metro properties, office buildings, shopping malls, wholesale markets, exhibition centers, city halls, industrial parks and other urban facilities. It also runs other businesses, including carpark management, repair and maintenance of equipment and facilities, various business operations and restaurants. The company is also building its image as a high-end provider of property operation and maintenance services, thus developing diverse businesses.

In the future, Yuexiu Services will press on with its efforts to standardize its property management and differentiate its services, making life good for people with attentiveness and dedication. It aspires to become a leading all-round urban operation service provider in China.

updated 21st June, 2021

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